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Arolithos Traditional Village Hotel ***

11th km of old road Heraklion-Rethimnon. - 71500 Tílisos


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The Arolithos Traditional Village Hotel occupies a cluster of buildings on the mountains outside Heraklion. Built in the late 1980s, it has been purposely designed to reproduce an authentic Cretan village and much care has been taken to recreate the atmosphere of times gone by.

In the bedrooms, modern amenities are cleverly blended with traditional . The local taverna organizes Cretan nights with mouthwatering Greek food and folk dances. A number of social events are organized during summer in the open air restaurant.

The area boasts dazzling white houses with pretty turquoise windows that host several old-fashioned stores, including a blacksmith.



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Hotel information

Water sports enthusiasts are spoiled for choice at Arolithos. They can try their hand at a wide range of activities, including jet skiing and para gliding.

Food & beverage

The restaurant organizes the famous Cretan evenings showcasing a music group that presents songs and dances from Crete and Greece.

Area information

Nestled in the mountains outside Heraklion, Arolithos reproduces a traditional Cretan village, conjuring up images of a bygone era. Arolithos is very convenient for Heraklion's fabulous beach.

Travel information

The port is at 10 KM, the airport at 12 KM.

How to come to us:
route 1st (city center)
if you are at the city of heraklion, the starting point could be the Elefterias square, which is close to archeological museum at the city center. Please follow the dikeossinis street and continue straight. Enter the Kalokerinou avenue and continue all the way down up to porta hanion. Please pass the big bridge and continue straight. You will then enter 62 Martiron avenue and drive all the way straight. When you reach a junction keep going straight I.E. Do not follow the way to Carefour. After a while you will find village Gazi and keep going straight towards village Anogia. After some minutes you will find us at your right hand side.

Route 2nd (airport)
from the airport of Heraklion you follow the new national road towards Heraklion-Rethimnon. After the traffic lights you keep driving to the same direction. On your way you will meet two turns to the right. At the second turn where the signs indicate the way to gazi and anogia you turn to the right. Then you keep following the signs that lead to anogia. Following the way up you will find us at your right hand side.

Route 3rd (coming from Rethimnon-Chania)
if you are driving on the new national road then as you approach heraklion you will come across a turn to the right. The signs there show a direction to the village gazi or anogia. Please turn and follow the way to anogia. Following the way up you will find us at your right hand side.

If you are on the old national road then you will find us
11 kilometers before Heraklion on your left hand side.

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